Anamara 3D

La Piedra de Anamara | The Stone of Anamara

The Stone of Anamara became popular at the time it was launched in 2004. It even won some prizes back then! Because of all the success, its launch was rushed and the game was never finished. Lots of fans all around the world have been asking for the Second Chapter, which has been promised by the author, although never came out.

What happened to Gabriel, its creator??

If you are a fan of the game, you probably already heard of the rumours that he might have died before the conclusion of the game. It’s been 18 years since and the original website is still on. Something’s not right then.

You might have guessed. We, fans, still guarded a small hope that the Second Chapter would just show up. Yet, that has continuously faded away as time went on.

Anamara 3D

We can’t wait any longer, and that’s why Anamara 3D is on the board

Welcome to Anamara 3D, a game we are developing that seeks to take you inside The Stone of Anamara’s images, where you can discover the details of the asylum, but now in first-person 3D.

It is way more than just being able to finally explore the hidden details of the asylum, we are planning to develop the Second Chapter too!

While that happens…

A lot of research work is being made. We have reunited fans throughout the world, guarding the small hope we guarded too. Together we find clues on what happened to Gabriel, we talk to people that have talked to him, we analyze hidden content on the Internet from all these years… This way, we also get inside his head and try to discover what his intention was for the new chapter.

Now you know. The development of the game is as well a game on its own! So if you want to join the group, there is already a growing discord server with plenty of people, collaborating one way or another.

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