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凶宅疑案(The Stone of Anamara)(2004)

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你在逃离警察的追捕时,不经意跑到了一座阴森的建筑前,这里看起来像是很好的藏身之处。 面对超自然的力量,揭开隐藏在儿童精神病院里的谜团,并履行“The Stone of Anamara”的使命。


What is this?

Unfortunately, Flash ended support in 2020. That means fans had to do something. At the time, the official game website was on, but many fans could not play the game.

Reasons to play this version of The Stone of Anamara (La Piedra de Anamara):

  • Is the most recent version
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Portuguese language was added
  • Uses embedded Ruffle to be able to play

Chapter 2 Preview

La Piedra de Anamara
La Piedra de Anamara